Cannes is coming

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Continuing with a shortlist of Cannes masterpieces you may have missed, get ready for films hailing from Brazil all the way to Kazakhstan.

The Official Story tells the tale of an Argentinian mother who, as she delves into her adopted child’s origins, slowly begins to realise the true horror of the military dictatorship. In Rana’s Wedding, Rana is given 16 hours to choose a husband as she attempts to find the man she loves. Freeze, Die, Come to Life delves into the depths of remote Siberia post-WWII, where two children try to safeguard their hope and nourish growing love, while in Jellyfish, three loosely connected women navigate relationships, language barriers and mysterious children who appear out of the sea in Israel.

Unmarried mother Darlene returns to her small Brazilian village to build a new home with three new husbands in Me, You, Them, and protagonist Asa tries to win over would-be bride Tulpan in the Kazakh steppes so that he can live his dream of becoming a shepherd in Tulpan. Finally, Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It sees Nola try to choose between the three men in her life.

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