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Referring to the cinematic concept of huis clos – ‘behind closed doors’ –,this selection of films considers the structural and stylistic method of filming in one location. While concentrating the action in a limited space lends itself to character studies or enhancing a feeling of claustrophobia, huis clos cinema finds itself continuously reinterpreted as, at times, an aesthetic choice, a technical challenge, or a financial loophole. Within the thriller and horror genre, confining the narrative to one location creates a sense of inescapability, as the selection the Cinémathèque dishes up this May exemplifies. Thus, we have House By The River and Rope, each illustrating how the guilty unrave at the scene of murderous crime, while The Tenant demonstrates how the setting recreates the scene, with the protagonist drawn down the same fated path as his predecessor. Home and family become not spaces of comfort but of trauma, abuse and deception in Festen and Merci pour le chocolat, with the former exposing a patriarch’s numerous misdeeds and abuses, and the latter delving into the darkness behind a seemingly bliss, idyllic marriage.

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