16/04 – 18/04, Rotondes,,
Fabrizio Rat – live AV, Shades of Blue with Kaspar Ravel, piano, electronica, 16/04, 21:00
Edit-a-thon: Make Wikipedia more feminist and more queer, co-organisé avec : CID | Fraen an Gender & Pink Ladies − Queer Women Luxembourg, 17/04, 14:00-16:00, adultes (16+)
Projection du film Coded Bias, 17/04, 20:00

Digital arts festival Multiplica is back for a third edition. This year, the event takes place over four weekends, the second one happening in April. Audiovisual concerts, workshops, and other events bring audiences on a journey to the heart of digital culture. Multiplica is more committed than ever to broadening our understanding of a digital society. As everyday life is full of connected objects, it is key for us to understand the issues surrounding their use. Our lives are connected and therefore made easier, but this new society also has direct consequences on the environment and on our relationship with the world. Before being informed users, the artists and experts involved are also clued-up citizens who share their enthusiasm with the public, without shirking from airing their concerns.

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Due to the health situation, it is possible that the information announced here are incorrect. We invite you to consult the organisators’ website for all the information and news concerning the events.

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