Jean-Claude Carrière

06/04 – 27/04, Movies’ schedules and languages:

In April, the Cinémathèque celebrates the life and career of French novelist, screenwriter and actor Jean-Claude Carrière, who passed away on last 8 February.

Considering life’s tendency to thread comedy, love, and struggle together are the following features: Yoyo sees a man join the love of his life in a circus after losing his fortune in a market crash; Belle de Jour portrays a beautiful housewife who struggles with her intimate desires toward her husband and finds relief in prostitution; a wife has an affair with a chimpanzee in Max my love; and finally, two cynical aristocrats play erotic, yet manipulative games with each other in Valmont.

War lays the foundations for the next films: Le Retour de Martin Guerre sees a changed soldier return home, only for his village to accuse him of being an impostor; while bizarre and surreal feature Le Tambour witnesses the budding fascism climax into WW2 through the eyes of a 3-year-old boy, who decides to stop growing. Les Possédés revolves around the terror of a failed revolution, and finally, Milou en Mai places a funeral at the heart of student strikes in France in 1968.

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