The Marx Brothers (2)

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Although the current atmosphere is no laughing matter, we can definitely do our best to ease some of the constant tension with good old entertainment. Thus, we continue with more Marx Brothers madness, steeped in the vaudeville tradition, marrying slapstick and musical comedy.

We go on with the general theme of foolish fools fooling each other starting off in a whirlwind of gambling, racing and horses in A Day at the Races. In Room Service, a playwright tries to avoid eviction and to finance his next play, and the Brothers do all they can to prevent a circus from closing in At the Circus.

Their next work, Go West, takes them to – you guessed it – the Wild West, where their attempts at money swindling draw them into a feud between two families and into the arms of a couple of young lovers, while The Big Store involves multiple plots to take over an inherited department store.

Finally, A Night in Casablanca pulls out all the stops: a stolen treasure, Nazis, and a number of mysterious deaths that will take poor

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