Urban development efforts bear fruit

Planning, building and completing urban infrastructure – schools, administrative buildings, sporting facilities, homes and large-scale engineering works – form the cornerstone of the City’s urban development strategy. These highly diverse development needs reflect the dynamism and diversity of our capital and its residents. The firms that translate the plans into concrete projects bring all of their expertise and ingenuity to bear in fulfilling various project requirements. Some of the City’s urban development accomplishments have gone beyond their end users’ requirements to become attractions in their own right, and are now also highly regarded by visitors from abroad.

Besides an overview of the projects completed in 2020, this edition affords readers a glimpse of some of the City of Luxembourg’s upcoming projects, such as its role as chair of the QuattroPole network, which the City assumed last month for two years. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the City is prioritising efforts to foster solidarity, and intends to focus on promoting cooperation and dialogue among partner cities. Now more than ever, a sense of unity is vital to maintaining cohesion among residents.

Shifting the focus back to the heart of the capital, this month’s magazine also features an article about the Pétrusse valley. This green haven was discussed in last November’s release, from the standpoint of the land restoration project. This edition deals with a lesser-known topic: the archaeological digs being conducted in the valley.

As always, I hope you enjoy the many other topics covered in this edition of City.

Happy reading!