Tout savoir sur le Service Krank Kanner Doheem reste ouvert

Vicky Wagner-Wies, Responsable du Service

What does the Service Krank Kanner Doheem do?
It aims to set up individual home care for sick children. It allows parents to continue to work and children to recover as well as they possibly can, in their own homes.

Who can use it and how can they get in touch?
All beneficiaries must be domiciled in the Grand Duchy and be in work. Registration takes place online. More information is available at 48 07 79.

How much does it cost?
The contribution to care costs is calculated according to the household’s taxable income. Rates range from €0.5/h for monthly incomes under €1,499.99 to €20/h for incomes above €15,000.

Tél. : 48 07 79