Figure in Print

Du 22/01 au 27/06 au MNHA, du 28/01 au 18/04 à la BnL. &

The works of 85 artists with Luxembourgish roots or residing in the country are to be showcased in this exhibition organised in two locations (MNHA and BnL), spanning a vast period of history from 1945 to the present day, the age of modern and contemporary art. They feature a variety of techniques including relief (wood and lino), copper engraving (drypoint, burin, etching, aquatint, soft varnish, etc.), lithography, original silkscreen and various other contemporary techniques, the artists practising or having practised the art of print as part of our art history, promoting printmaking as more than a minor art and highlighting its true value. The works in this exhibition come from the MNHA, BnL’s Cabinet des Estampes and Empreinte collections, as well as from other renowned contemporary artists.

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Due to the health situation, it is possible that the information announced here are incorrect. We invite you to consult the organisators’ website for all the information and news concerning the events.