I see the devil

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Casino Luxembourg is running an exhibition exploring the representation of the devil in art today. Notorious shapeshifter and looming shadow lurker, the devil still haunts the modern mind, and thus the Cinémathèque will be exploring some of the ways he has come to life in film.

We start off with the 1977 original Suspiria, where a dance academy becomes the grounds of a devilish and murderous movement, and follow up with the highly controversial The Devils, a historical dramatisation of the witch hunt of a Roman Catholic priest in the 17th century, banned in multiple countries for its violent, sexual and religious imagery. Possession is a film of betrayal, doppelgangers, murder and monsters in pre-partition Germany, but the coup de grâce is delivered by a Swedish-Danish 1922 documentary horror on witchcraft. The screening of Häxan – again banned in many countries – will feature a live music accompaniment. I. E.

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