Classics Before Christmas

Movies’ schedules and languages:

In the week leading into 2020s Christmas celebrations, some cinematic classics will bless the Cinémathèque’s festive film screen to get you in the mood.

The first feature is Gremlins, a story of a gift going awry: when Billy receives a furry little creature, pandemonium ensues after the cute new pet gets wet and is fed after midnight – and transforms into an army of nasty little demons. This is followed by none other than Home Alone, where Kevin, who has been left behind as his family go away, must defend his house from invaders. A bachelor columnist posing as a farm housewife and mother has to keep up the charade for a publicity stunt in Christmas in Connecticut, and life-affirming It’s A Wonderful Life sets out to remind George Bailey that the world has more to offer than just money and greed.

Finally, White Christmas relates a Christmas miracle, where two ex-soldiers turned entertainers and a sister act put on a show and save their former general’s failing inn. I. E.

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