Testing traffic lights for cyclists

With the launch of a pilot project at the end of September, the City of Luxembourg wishes to provide smoother traffic conditions for cyclists without interfering with the comfort of other road users. Flashing amber traffic lights designed specifically for bicycles will be installed at some intersections, chosen for their specific configurations. The aim of this new pilot project is to make it easier for cyclists to move around while improving the safety of all road users.

Five junctions across the capital, each with specific characteristics, will be equipped with these new traffic lights.

The new traffic lights show a bicycle icon with a directional arrow. When flashing, the amber arrow informs cyclists that they can bypass the red light for cars and cross the junction in the direction of the arrow. However, if they are heading in another direction, the red light prevails and they must wait it out.

The flashing amber light also warns cyclists to give way to all other road users in their paths, especially pedestrians.

Location of the new traffic lights:
– at the intersection of Avenue du X Septembre and Boulevard de Verdun;
– at the intersection of Boulevard Roosevelt and Rue Philippe II;
– on Avenue Marie-Thérèse;
– on Boulevard Roosevelt (Rue de l’Ancien Athénée);
– at the intersection of Rue de Bonnevoie and Rue du Laboratoire (early 2021);
– at the intersection of Avenue Monterey and Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.