Rainy Days “come together”!

Marking its 15th year at the Luxembourg Philharmonie, the 2020 edition of the event will be exploring encounters from every angle, with no fewer than 22 concerts, performances, installations and artists’ meetings to be made available to a wide audience of both uninitiated visitors and aficionados.

The Rainy Days festival was launched in 2000 by composer Claude Lenners and percussionist and artistic director of the United Instruments of Lucilin ensemble Guy Frisch. Devoted entirely to the contemporary music scene and having been under the direction of artistic director of the Rainy Days festival & chief dramaturg at the Philharmonie Lydia Rilling since 2017, the festival adopts a different theme every year. Following ‘Less is more’ in 2019, the slogan ‘come together’, which, as Lydia explains, was “chosen two years ago, now appears somewhat provocative given the current context of the pandemic”. That said, the desire and indeed the need to come together, whilst respecting the relevant precautionary measures, would appear to be greater now than ever.

he programme has been put together like a mosaic, so it covers a very wide range of directions, aesthetic styles and performance formats, from experimental electronic music from Africa to great orchestral works, from musical theatre to an audio stroll along the Alzette. Last but not least, the festival wouldn’t work without teaming up with other institutions like neimënster, the Grand Théâtre, the Casino, the UGDA and the Mudam being just a few of our regular partners.

Philharmonie, www.philharmonie.lu