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Lëtzebuerg City Museum,

The oldest document of the remote period when Ermesinde I reigned over Luxembourg dates back to 1244. Since then, charters, plans, posters, public notices and, more recently, digital documents have accumulated on the 2,900 running metres of shelves of the Archives of the City of Luxembourg. This exhibition allows you to immerse yourself in these documents and to open the ‘big book’ of the administrative history of the city, a reflection of its general history. This exhibition allows visitors to get to know the work carried out daily in the Archives and the conservation measures put in place. It also provides the tools necessary for deciphering old documents and finding out more about the structure of medieval charters, sigillography (study of seals), the foundations of genealogy, and so on. Finally, visitors have plenty of time to explore this fascinating attraction further by taking part in activities offered at interactive stations.