Initiating young people into the art of graffiti

The 4th and final year cycle pupils of the Gaston Diderich primary school wanted to add a bit of colour to their year. Mission accomplished! Thanks to selftaught artist Sader, a graffiti specialist contacted by school officials, the young budding artists were introduced to the art of graffiti. Equipped with colour bombs, the students were able to freely express their creativity and joy on an empty wall in their schoolyard, which, thanks to the talent of these neophytes, now offers a moment of discovery for all students and brightens up this recreation area at the start of the school year. The artist, for his part, integrated all the visual testimonies by his apprentices into a homogeneous and unique work. The children’s graffitis naturally remain visible in the background and are brought together thanks to Sader’s talent. The latter is used to exploring various aspects of urban graffiti art and to share his passion with future generations. In addition, Sader organises with the same energy artists meetings in the form of competitions called “Back to Books”, writing being at the base of his art.