19:00, à partir de 14 ans, recommandé aussi aux adultes, Rotondes,

Identity features 19 young people from four different countries pitting their own identities against the world they live in on a daily basis. The performance – the fruit of a European art project – stars young people from Germany, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg and will be making its European premiere at the Rotondes, reminding us that the well-being of young people is at the forefront of its concerns. It also reminds us that we all have to be able to escape the norm if we are to flourish. Should we change, or should we remain who we are deep down? Faced with a society that equalises values and attitudes, Identity reminds us that each individual is unique and has their own culture that reflects their personality. A great performance that really gives young people a voice. This project is in line with Rotondes’ mission to encourage youngsters to express themselves throughout the season, in the frame of its participatory projects.