Free expression

The free-expression wall in Dommeldange gives professional artists permission to let their creativity run ‘free’, as the name suggests, without the limitations that often come with official commissions. Since the end of August, the free-expression wall has been adorned with a mural by Joël Rollinger, and the painting may come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the artist’s work.

Since the beginning of his career, the artist has been particularly focused on the use of flat shades of colour in relation to shapes, accentuated by large, darker contours. In Dommeldange, new shapes will surprise the passer-by. Over the last few years, human forms have been a characteristic of the artist’s work, as can be seen on the facades of the kiosk at Place du Théâtre. But here, geometrical shapes that resemble writing, and bright colours seem to indicate a change in the artist’s style – if you look closely, you might even recognise the artist’s name in the mural.