Centenario Fellini

Movies’ schedules and languages: www.cinematheque.lu

Celebrating one hundred years since the birth of the Italian director, Luxembourg’s Cinémathèque will screen three months of Fellini features.

This starts with Lo sceicco bianco, Fellini’s first solo piece, which sees a newlywed wife search for a famous film star on her honeymoon (much to her husband’s distress). Next, two films inspired by his own life, there is I vitelloni, a film about five young “vitelloni” – layabouts – refusing to grow up in their hometown, and La strada, a heart-breaking story of a fated show couple, which draws on Fellini’s own circus background.

Following this is Il bidone, a story of swindlers and their consciences, Le notti di Cabiria featuring an ever-optimistic sex worker with a heart of gold, and finally, La dolce vita, a satirical reflection on life’s excesses and one of Fellini’s most famous features, brings up the rear.