By Heart / Sopro

By Heart, en français, 28 & 29/10, 20:00, Théâtre des Capucins
Sopro, en portugais surtitré en français et anglais, 29 & 30/10, 20:00, Grand Théâtre

Portuguese director Tiago Rodrigues will be honoured over the course of three evenings featuring performances of two of his creations, including By Heart. This piece tells the story of a grandmother who was a big reader and actually learned a book by heart while her eyesight was failing, giving ten audience members the opportunity to take to the stage and put their memories to the test each evening. Sopro, which was presented at the Avignon Festival in 2017, meanwhile, is a tribute to theatre as an essential living art, with Cristina Vidal, a prompter at Lisbon’s national theatre, taking centre stage. Each play will be presented in a different theater, By Heart at the Théâtre des Capucins and Sopro at the Grand Théâtre. As part of these two shows, an itinerant lecture imagined by Fábio Godinho will be organised at the Grand Théâtre on 27 October.