Dans les jupes de ma mère

Les Rotondes has chosen to mark its reopening with a rather fitting performance in the form of a pocket theatre production, Dans les jupes de ma mère, a visual representation of the rituals of a day in the life of a child; and not just any day, but rather the first day of the new school year, or the first day at the nursery; that first day of a new life when it is so hard to let go of mummy’s apron strings. This entertaining show offers an amusing take on these important moments in a child’s life. Toutito Teatro, a company from Normandy, knows better than anyone how to catch these little moments that are also a dive into the unknown.

11:00, 15:00 & 17:00, de 2 ans et demi à 5 ans, sans paroles, Rotondes, www.rotondes.lu