D’après nature

Mudam, www.mudam.lu

The paintings, etchings and drawings of Luxembourg-born artist Jean-Marie Biwer exude a sense of calm, comfort and space and feature rural, bucolic, rustic landscapes that paint a picture of Luxembourg, its environment and its nature; a nature that has been shaped by man, a nature tamed by mankind, but above all a nature that still has room to flourish. Four decades of observation and artistic practice have enabled the artist to develop a keen eye for his environment – the Ardennes countryside of the Oesling region in northern Luxembourg –, an eye that he also honed through the observation of bodies and scenes of everyday life. But regardless of the subject, Jean-Marie Biwer examines the role that painting can play in a world where the screen is now omnipresent and where everything seems to be moving faster than ever before. These canvases, by contrast, provide the perfect opportunity to simply sit and contemplate.