They Might Stay the Night

The Casino has reopened! Well, at least partially, as only Sophie Jung’s monographic exhibition They Might Stay the Night can currently be enjoyed ‘on site’, showcasing the Luxembourger artist’s work incorporating elements of writing, sculpture and stage performance. The I’m Terribly Sorry exhibition by British artist Rachel Maclean (virtual reality video that questions English society, Brexit and video games) and the Deep/Dark/Dank exhibition by Ben Wheele (which immerses the visitor in a disturbing fantasy world from the “dark side of YouTube”) are only accessible virtually (via the platform).

The museum is also active on Facebook and Instagram, its Facebook page bringing fans the ‘CC/casino_casanier’ series showcasing past talks and exhibitions, and even offering a live 24-hour video performance entitled The Everted Capital (…) by artists Fabien Giraud and Raphaël Siboni, which can be viewed every Friday from noon until the following Saturday at noon, and its Instagram account highlighting the permanent and evolving work entitled Zäit Wuert by the LAb[au] artists’ collective, which can also be seen on the museum’s southern façade, on the Boulevard Roosevelt side of the building.

Casino Luxembourg,