Armand Drews has passed away

Born on 8 September 1956, Armand Drews passed away suddenly on 17 April at the age of 63. A member of the LSAP for 40 years, the Luxembourg native sat for 13 years (from 2005 to 2018) on Luxembourg City’s municipal council. Prior to that, he sat as a councillor in the municipality of Biwer from 1988 to 1990. Drews also worked for various City departments such as the Commission des Subsides (Subsidy Commission) and the Office Social (Social Welfare Office). Drews was a very committed trade unionist. For over five years, he chaired the Supervisory Commission within the OGBL, the confederation of independent trade unions in Luxembourg. He was also a member, and in some cases on the board of directors, of other institutions such as the Caisse Nationale de Santé (National Health Fund), the Caisse de Maladie des Employés Privés (Pension Insurance Fund for Private Sector) and the Comité Économique et Social (Economic and Social Committee).

Armand Drews was also involved in the humanitarian sector. He was chairman for the Cercle de Coopération des ONGD (Cooperation Circle of NGOs) since 2012 (the latter announced the sad news on social media). He was also project manager for Solidarité Syndicale, an NGO that carries out development work in countries such as Ghana, Bolivia and Burkina Faso.

After working for over 30 years as an employee at BGL, Drews had become an instructor at the École Supérieure du Travail.

Until 2014, Drews, a football enthusiast, held the reins at RFCU Luxembourg as the club’s chairman. He was also a great lover of cinema, travel and reading.