The Service Seniors is listening to people

The Service Seniors (Department of Senior Services) is responsible for informing and advising the elderly and their families, and providing a remote alarm system for emergencies. The department has 17 employees, including 8 operators who handle calls and 2 social workers who manage the system and install the system at the homes of the elderly. In order to remain available and provide the elderly with information, the department’s employees are either working on site or from home. Although the number of journeys out and about have been reduced, employees can still be contacted by phone. During times like this, the Service Seniors receives a higher number of calls from people who are feeling lonely and afraid and want to have a chat.

Service Seniors : 4796-2757
Activités : 4796-2428
Admissions Konviktsgaart : 4796-4270
Helpline : 4796-4796