The Service Hygiène has fixed teams in the field

The Service Hygiène (Sanitation Department) is primarily responsible for collecting waste and keeping the city’s public areas clean, tasks that have become even more important during this difficult time.

To continue providing these essential services, the department has been restructured: employees have been placed into fixed teams, and 18 individual changing rooms have been installed and 18 separate departure points set up around the site on Route d’Arlon. Drivers are allocated the same truck (in which they are kept apart from their co-workers), and other City departments have provided additional vehicles to transport rubbish collectors.

All of these measures have been introduced in order to keep contact with others to a minimum, adhere to the health measures as much as possible, and protect our rubbish collectors, cleaners and drivers. As a result, we can continue to ensure that the city remains clean and tidy.

These measures have been widely accepted and supported by our employees: not just by men and women in the field, but also those in the workshops as well as the administrative staff. Even though the pandemic is an unprecedented challenge, it has created a sense of solidarity and a wonderful team spirit.