Stater Mobilitéitsdag

In order to celebrate the transition to free public transport across the Grand Duchy, the City of Luxembourg hosted a day of information and entertainment on Sunday 1 March. Visitors were able to get to know more about the Luxembourg City Bus Service and what it has to offer, such as electric busses, the City Shopping Bus, the City Shuttle and its operations centre control room. They could also discover the Service Véhicules et maintenance’s workshop and visit the Tramsmusée (Tramways and Bus Museum). Given that mobility in the future will focus on a better combination of all public transport services, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office put on multimodal tours allowing visitors to discover the range of types of transport available, including the bus, the City Shopping Bus, the train, the funicular and the tram. Concerts and entertainment for the family were put on for visitors who could dine at the food trucks on Place d’Armes. Another highlight was the inauguration of the new Infobus, a public transport information point located on Place d’Armes.