Pupils championing mobility

As part of the 2019 Mobility Week running from 18 September to 18 October, the City’s Service Enseignement (Education Department) organised a competition named “Zu Fouss, mam Vëlo oder Bus an d’Schoul”. The aim of the contest? To promote soft mobility and encourage schoolchildren from cycles 1 to 4 to go to school on foot, by bicycle, scooter or bus.

Over 2,761 pupils and their teachers took part in the competition. Each day, pupils who opted for alternative ways of transportation received a sticker. The schools with the highest ratio of stickers received special recognition on 12 February. The Hamm school (with an 89.5% participation rate) won the competition and was awarded a trophy and a diploma.

Parents were also targeted by this initiative since it gave them the opportunity to reflect on their own travel habits by giving up their car to take their children to school.