Children introduced to street art

Since the wall of the sports hall next to the school on Rue Adam Roberti in Merl is always covered with illegal graffiti, tags and inscriptions, the City decided to clean up this well-frequented patch of the city with some street art. In collaboration with the teaching staff of Merl’s elementary school, Luxembourg street artist Sader organised and supervised a series of initiation and painting workshops with cycle 4 pupils (aged 10 to 11). While leaving room to imagination, the artist guided the pupils in elaborating a unique artwork allowing each to find their own creative space while respecting that of others. Before getting to work with the children, the artist spoke to the four classes about the project and the history of graffiti, from the birth of ‘style-writing’ in the streets of New York to its current evolution. After this introduction, the pupils were able to give free rein to their artistic and bodily expression and their spontaneity, with a spray can in hand.