Bus stop at platform 102-103 relocated

Due to the progress of the tram construction site on Place de la Gare heading towards the Rue de Hollerich and the Jean-Pierre Buchler bridge, the bus stop ‘Gare centrale quai 102/103’ (Central station, platform 102-103), located between Rue Joseph Junck and Rue d’Épernay, has been temporarily relocated. From 2 March, it has moved 100m closer to the city centre and is now located in front of buildings Nos. 16-18 (opposite the AVL bus station). AVL lines 1/125, 2, 4, 7/70, 16, 18, 21, 22, 23, 27, as well as night lines CN1 and CN3, are all affected.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the timetables are temporary adjusted and the night lines are suspended. Find out all the information on pandemie.vdl.lu.