20:00, Grand Théâtre, www.lestheatres.lu

Patricia Guerrero, one of the most talented dancers of her generation, is considered the rising star of the flamenco scene. The Granada-born Spaniard first took to the stage at the age of 8 and hasn’t stepped out of the limelight ever since, winning the Premio El Desplante at the age of 17 and performing for Carlos Saura in Flamenco, Flamenco at the age of 20. Her elegance and unique technicality are wonderfully expressed here in Distopía, a creation that tells a story of female power and its vulnerability in the face of a society with very firmly fixed ideas. Patricia Guerrero takes audiences on a journey to the hidden side of a world of silence, solitude, injustice and cruelty in this fictional performance that goes beyond the boundaries of reality to give way to an existence made up of fragments of destroyed dreams.