Following Lars von Trier’s Breaking the Waves, Myriam Muller is now tackling theatrical classic Ivanov, by Anton Chekhov. This first major play by the Russian master, consisting of four acts and five scenes, was written in 1887 and took just two weeks to write, and this sense of creative urgency is omnipresent in this story of a landowner riddled with debts. Initially written as a comedy, Ivanov had been redacted by Chekhov to become a tragedy. Myriam Muller has chosen, here, to portray the somewhat farcical original version, in which the author makes fun of this Ivanov, who turns out to be just the average guy next door. Chekhov’s caustic writing provides a real treat for the audience in a production brought to life here by a wonderful cast.

28/02, 03, 04, 05 & 06/03, 20:00, Grand Théâtre, www.lestheatres.lu