Investing in quality of life

Those of you who followed the budget debates in the city council will easily recall our large-scale development projects, such as the Centre National d’Incendie et de Secours (National Fire and Rescue Centre), the national football/rugby stadium, and the new park that will be created in Gasperich. Once completed, these will make a real difference to many residents and visitors.

However, the 2020 budget, as well as our plans and strategies that stretch beyond this year, is not limited to such landmark features – far from it. While 2020 is all about investment, we will focus primarily on ones that will prepare the City for sustained growth in the years to come and boost our impact in areas where the public sector needs to step up and invest, specifically housing and public transport. The City wishes to take action by acquiring more land, so that we have more flexibility to offer fitting solutions to the housing shortage. Doing so will also ensure that our own departments have the space and resources needed to grow and thus provide a high-quality service to an ever-expanding population. In terms of public transport, you can rest assured that we remain committed to investing heavily in even greener solutions, including the purchase of numerous hybrid buses and the extension of the cycle-path network.

It goes without saying that sustainable development must go hand in hand with quality of life for all, and that these must be at the heart of this year’s budget plans and of those to come. In this edition, you can read all about the challenges faced by the City and our objectives for the future.