25 years of World Heritage

On 17 December 1994, Luxembourg’s “old quarters and fortifications” were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 25 years later, on 17 December, the City of Luxembourg hosted an academic meeting at the Cercle Cité amongst others in the presence of HRH the Grand Duke, minister for culture Sam Tanson and president of the Luxembourg Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO Simone Beck. In her opening speech, Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer underlined the important impact the UNESCO World Heritage inscription has on the capital: “Our historical and landscape heritage is protected at the international, national and local levels, enhancing its profile reinforces the destination’s touristic appeal, increases quality of life for the residents and raises awareness of the identity of the site.” On the eve of the 1995 cultural year, Luxembourg’s inclusion on the World Heritage List facilitated the creation of several cultural institutions such as the Lëtzebuerg City Museum, the Philharmonie, the Mudam or neimënster, and helped establish an ambitious programme of heritage restoration and activation of the Old Town and its fortifications. You can find the agenda of the events organised throughout 2020 as part of “25 ans Lëtzebuerg patrimoine mondial” (25 years Lëtzebuerg World Heritage) on the dedicated website.