New lights for the fortifications

Since 12 December, the fortifications, and more precisely the part comprising the “Schlassbréck”, the Boulevard Victor Thorn, the Montée du Pfaffenthal, the Pfaffenthal viaduct, the Trois Glands viaduct, the Grunewald fort and the Malakoff tower, are wearing new lights. The desire of the City is to enhance the fortified heritage in respect with the environment and to increase the citizens’ sense of security. As all the former spotlights were replaced by LEDs, the new installation uses significantly less energy and decreases luminous pollution. This project was elaborated by the Service Éclairage Public (Public Lighting Department) and the Service Espace Public, Fêtes et Marchés (Department of Public Spaces, Festivals and Markets), as well as by the environment advisor of the City of Luxembourg.