What’s new this autumn!

The 2019 back-to-school period has seen several new projects come to fruition in the city.

The first of several new social ­housing units were inaugurated on 18 September at 44 rue de Mühlenbach. The building contains 35 flats of different sizes, all ­destined for rental, of which nine are reserved for elderly people and five are designed to house people with reduced mobility.

In terms of architecture, the building was conceived to be sustainable and to integrate into the surrounding context.

On 23 September, the new Orval crèche was inaugurated in the Belair district at 20 rue d’Orval. It aims to host 36 children aged 0 to 2 that will be looked after by a team from the City’s Service Crèches on the ground floor, and 45 children aged 2 to 4 on the first floor.

The crèche includes, among other things, three recreation rooms with bathrooms, a romper room, a space designated for water games and a teaching kitchen. It also has a courtyard area that faces south.

On 3 October, an ambitious project was inaugurated: the Bëschspillschoul, a new generation school where the children receive most of their education outdoors in the forest. Located at 103 rue des Sept-Arpents, the latter has enrolled 24 children aged 3 to 6 who hail from the Eich, Mühlenbach and Rollingergrund districts.