Tout savoir sur Am Gronn

How did Am Gronn first come about?
We noticed that hardly any coworking spaces were dedicated to creative sectors. We wanted to create a space where designers and creators could work together and draw inspiration from one another.

What options are available at Am Gronn?
We offer coworking spaces for groups of 2 to 6 people, but also spaces for events, exhibitions and workshops. Contracts last from 1 to 12 months, at €600 to €700.

You’re right in the centre of the Grund, how are your prices so affordable?
L’espace se trouve dans un bâtiment du Fonds du logement, ce qui nous permet d’appliquer ces loyers attractifs. Par contre, nous demandons à chaque locataire de proposer régulièrement des workshops, qui sont rémunérés. / Our space is housed in a Fonds du Logement building, meaning we can apply such affordable rent. However, we do ask each renter to regularly hold workshops, and we pay them in return.