Poetry in motion

Poetry and film, although both domains of the arts, aren’t two spheres we would automatically consider conjointly. Yet, as we will see, many elements we find in one, we find in the other, and this is the reason why this cycle reunites the two: narrative freedom, mystery, monsters, rhythmic reveries, days and nights spent wandering down lost streets or off beaten paths…

The first instalment of this cycle is French. The Fall of the House of Usher looks to capture the enigmatic atmosphere of Poe’s writing on camera, the second one, The Beauty and the Beast, the timeless and unlikely romance, whereas The City of Pirates, the surrealist fantasy world of dreams.

Journeys play a big role in many of the films, often symbolising moments of transition and change: in Japan, a man is trying to find a place to commit suicide; in Dead Man, the protagonist is fleeing after committing murdering; and in Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, a dying man travels through his past.

Nostalghia follows a writer on the road to self discovery and the people that he meets, while The Wind Will Carry Us focuses on the unseen as much as the seen in a little village in Kurdistan.

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