Nico Klopp

Despite his premature death at the age of just 36, Luxembourger painter Nico Klopp (1894-1930) was undoubtedly one of the most influential artists of the start of the last ­century. To mark the 125th anniversary of the artist’s birth, the MNHA will be offering visitors an opportunity to rediscover the works of a man who had to fight to establish himself as an independent artist in the Grand Duchy. Battling to bring an element of modernity to an otherwise conservative Luxembourg art scene, Klopp would even become one of the key figures in the Secessionist movement. Favouring the Post-Impressionist and Expressionist styles, the painter also succeeded in incorporating an element of his homeland – the Moselle region – in his creations. This exhibition offers an opportunity to admire not only his works but also the ­drawings he produced over the course of his studies and the etchings he was commissioned to create.

Jusqu’au 31/12, MNHA,