Distorsion et activisme

The Mudam will be getting the winter season off to a great start with the Le Temps coudé exhibition by Anri Sala and History Keeps Me Awake at Night by David Wojnarowicz.

Anri Sala’s four large-scale installations, together with two films and pictures, will be taking up a good part of the museum, drawing visitors’ attention both visually and aurally to the issues of pattern and distortion in terms of space and time and making for a truly original sensory experience boasting amazing visual and musical variety.

The collection by the self-taught David Wojnarowicz (who died in 1992), meanwhile, combines elements of photography, painting, music, film, sculpture, writing, performance and activism in an artistically varied exhibition in which the common theme is freedom of style and tone. This travelling exhibition of over 150 works will be entering the third and final leg of its international tour at the Mudam.

Le Temps coudé, 11/10-05/01/2020
History Keeps Me Awake at Night, 26/10-09/02/2020
Mudam, www.mudam.lu