A new generation resolved to take action

One movement that has really put the spotlight on youth action has been the Youth for Climate initiative, which has also found far-reaching support among Luxembourg’s young people. Although the scale of these youth protests has been impressive, what has been truly remarkable is the emergence of a new generation that is passionate about taking action for the good of our planet and society, and wishes to do so in a responsible way.

While the Youth for Climate movement has been very widely covered in the media, it would be a shame to overlook the string of other projects that have also come to life through the hard work of our nation’s young people.

As mayor of the City of Luxembourg, I am delighted to see these initiatives take shape, and I am excited to witness a new generation getting involved in issues that it feels strongly about, taking its first steps towards one day taking over the reins. Here at the municipal administration, we feel strongly that it is our role to support these youth projects and initiatives wherever we can, and to get in touch with young people to hear what they have to say. Thanks to the Lëtz’discuss forums organised by our Service Jeunesse (youth department) since 2003, we are constantly adapting our offering and services for young people based on feedback from participants in these forums, and this has already led to some fantastic projects.

In this edition of City, we present a number of these youth projects, some of which aim to give to a good cause, such as a charity run or inverted Advent calendars organised in the city’s primary schools, while others aim to raise awareness, such as the Unicef “Youth Ambassadors” project and Voix de Jeunes Femmes initiatives, to name but a few. And who knows? Maybe others will be inspired to launch their own projects…