Saison 2019/2020 : le théâtre à la fête

Following its success at the Capucins, the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg will be opening their season with the Marivaux classic The Game of Love and Chance, to be performed in the studio at the Grand Théâtre.

Capucins and grand théâtre
The Capucins will be offering a jam-packed programme that will include Petit frère, la grande histoire Aznavour, telling the story of the turbulent fate of Charles Aznavour’s family, with other major names making an appearance at the Capucins, including The Strange Tale of Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel, a beautiful silent tribute to the two comic geniuses. Betsy Dentzer, with musical production Weibereien, and Jeff Schinker, with the Grimm Brothers’ take on Rapunzel, will be bringing a Luxembourgish flavour to the proceedings. Over at the Grand Théâtre, the series looking at violence returns with performances of Im Herzen der Gewalt, an adaptation of Édouard Louis’s History of Violence adapted into German by the author himself, along with Florian Borchmeyer and Thomas Ostermeier, and the Alexandre Dumas fils classic The Lady of the Camellias, adapted by Valérie Mréjen, Arthur Nauzyciel and Pierre-Alain Giraud. A four-part focus on Europe tells the story of the continent and includes highlights such as Falk Richter’s I am Europe and Michael Frayn’s Demokratie as it lays bare every outrageous inch of Europe, completed with elements of political debate, songs and even fighting. Another highlight not to be missed is the Don DeLillo / Julien Gosselin trilogy – a series of three performances of novels written by the former and adapted by the latter. Henrik Ibsen will be back with an adaptation of his play An Enemy of the People, directed by Jean-François Sivadier, whilst Anne-Cécile Vandalem will be showcasing her creation, Arctique.

Other theaters in the city
The Théâtre du Centaure, the Kasematten­theater and the Théâtre Ouvert will be joining forces with the Théâtres de la Ville to kick-start the season with a big celebration on the streets of the capital on 14 September, giving them the opportunity to outline their respective programmes for the upcoming season. The Théâtre National de Luxembourg, for its part, will be publishing its programme on 10 September.

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