Mobility in the spotlight

The City of Luxembourg is more committed now than ever to promoting a multimodal approach to mobility. This is the reason why, as happens every year and as part of the Mobility Week taking place from 16 to 22 September, the City organises a series of events and highlights mobility projects. This year’s theme is “Safe Walking Safe Cycling”.

The week will begin on Monday 16 with not only the release of the new mobility brochure showing all the cycle paths of the city, in both electronic and hard copy and available online and at the Service Circulation, but also the “E Kaddo fir de Vëlo” the initiative doesn’t hand out goodies bags to cyclists at the Schuman round­about and the Adolphe bridge.

Schoolchildren will also be encouraged to cycle, walk and use public transport by means of an inter-school competition to be held from Wednesday 18.

The emphasis on 19 and 20 September, meanwhile, will be on understanding and respect – both of which are key factors when it comes to mobility –, with an initiative designed to raise awareness of the various means of transport suitable for those with special needs, organised in collaboration with Info-­Handicap and Back to Sport, and the launch of the “Par­tageons la ville” (“sharing the city”) campaign.

The latter is designed to increase awareness of all of the different types of road users – cyclists, pedestrians, as well as users of motorised vehicules – to help ensure that our roads are used as efficiently, safely and considerately as possible. The weekend of 21 and 22 September will be an opportunity to discover the Kirchberg and Pfaffenthal neighbourhoods by taking the various means of transport available within the city of Luxembourg through a variety of multimodal tours to be held over the course of the two days and giving members of the public the opportunity to use the bus, tram, funicular and even the Pfaffenthal lift! Finally, a cycling street, in which cycling takes precedence and car traffic is only allowed for residents, will be inaugurated during Mobility Week.