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The Cinémathèque returns once again to bring you the recommendations of some of Luxembourg’s artists, authors and filmmakers.

Marco Godinho has selected Jim Jarmusch’s Stranger Than Paradise – a comedy drama that sees protagonists Willie and Eddie try and find a way to locate a family member, escape boredom and make a fortune – for its minimal radicalism, its dialogue and the way it uses dark humour to address the essence of human life. Elise Schmit, for her part, has decided on Deconstructing Harry, Allen’s film about a novelist who has to suffer the consequences of success, especially when this success is founded upon the exposure of his friend’s lives.

The fantastical finds its way onto the screen with Félix Koch’s choice Innerspace. A rollercoaster through the human body, the film incorporates the best of cinema: a love story, humour, a comedic duo and an intriguing plot. Finally, Karolina Markiewicz has settled on all-time classic The Great Dictator, Chaplin’s fascinating take on right-wing extremism.

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