vdl.lu: now in three languages!

With 120,000 residents hailing from 168 different countries, a large fleet of cross-border workers and a growing number of tourists, our city has reaffirmed its cosmopolitan character and openness to other cultures and nationalities. As the City administration, we strive to make the information we provide available to everyone, in order to meet the daily needs of both residents and visitors alike.

While a substantial amount of information is already available in several languages – through our bilingual publications and multilingual social media presence – and the aim to include a larger audience at our public municipal council meetings by offering sign language interpreting, I am especially proud, as mayor of Luxembourg City, to announce that since 7 June, our website vdl.lu has been available in three languages.
Following a public call for tenders in February 2018, it is thanks to the outstanding work of our translation and digital publishing teams, as well as our strong collaboration with Guichet.lu, that our website – which comprises over one million words spread across 4,500 pages – can now be viewed in French, English and German.

In this edition of City, we take a closer look at this major undertaking, which perfectly reflects our identity as a “multiplicity”. We also provide a sneak peek at a number of events and highlights of the upcoming summer season, including, of course, the city’s longest running tradition, the Schueberfouer.