The ABC of cinema

Throughout the summer months, the Cinémathèque will be systematically browsing through the catalogue of classics and the pleasures they present. Be it the individual indulgences of feature film protagonists or the joys they might elicit in the audience, the selection is bound to satisfy everybody’s wants and/or needs. We might then, be taken in by the art of bowling in the Coen brother’s The Big Lebowski or appreciate the inherent elegance of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Our guilty pleasures are fulfilled with My Best Friend’s Wedding, and who better than David Lynch and Lost Highway to assume responsibility of hypnotic? Next, Sideways is the cinematic answer to “in vino veritas” while The Night Porter (1973) meets audiences’ kinky movies. More mind games take place with Total Recall and Beasts of the Southern Wild is this summer’s “Sundance hit”.
There is a whole alphabet of thrills to be explored, so make sure you check out the Cinémathèque website for more.

▸ Horaires et langues des films / movies’ schedules and languages: