Gare Art Festival

The artistic festival of the Gare district dedicated to sculpture returns this year for its 19th edition. The 2019 festival has a new theme: oak wood. The sculptors will work “live” and in public in a communal workshop located on place de Paris from 26 July to 2 August. The sculptures will then be exhibited under the central station canopy where they can also be acquired. Artist chosen for this year’s Gare Art Festival are: Nadine Zangarini and Anne Lindner (Luxembourg), Hermann Gschaider (Austria), Michael Rofka (Germany), Maurizio Perron (Italy) and Ayhan Özgür (Turkey).

• 26/07-02/08, 09 :00-18 :00 :
place de Paris

• Ouverture officielle le :
official opening on: 30/07, 11:00

• 02/08-20/09 :
Gare centrale / Central Station