Privileged Points

Privileged Points – a name that is certainly not without evocation – comprises a series of three imposing sculptures created by Nairy Baghramian, who explains that “they indicate the perfect spots for displaying works, be it in museums, on walls or even just on the ground”. Regardless of the perspective, it has to be meaningful. One of the three sculptures, which are made of bronze, steel, resin, silicone and leather and consist of a series of twisted, elongated cylinders covered in a generous layer of varnish and exuberant colour runs, will be displayed in the Grand Hall, whilst the other two will stand on the esplanade at Park Dräi Eechelen. The pieces allude to various objects or parts of the body and give the visitor an entirely free reign to interpret them as they will. It is the artist’s aim to encourage a certain reflection upon architecture, craftsmanship, functionality and decor through these monumental sculptures.

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