If you take nothing from this magazine this month, take this little nugget of trivia and break it out next time you’re out with your friends. You know who holds the Guinness record for the best-selling funk album of all time?
Well, the big picture next to this might have given it away, but the answer is Jamiroquai! That, of course, was for Travelling Without Moving, but fittingly, the band have been releasing regular, critically acclaimed albums, somewhat under the radar for years since then.
Automaton is the band’s most recent offering and combines the band’s trademark acid jazz/funk sound with EDM and trap. Get ready for a party, and bearing in mind that both their Paris and London shows sold out in just one minute, don’t wait too long to get your tickets.

▸ 19:00 ▸ Rockhal ▸ www.atelier.lu