Happy birthday Clara!

A 200-year anniversary worth celebrating! The famous Minguet Quartett pays tribute to Clara Schumann. The first person to perform her husband Robert’s scores, as well as a composer of over 40 works of her own, Schumann was one of the rare musicians of the Romantic era also to be considered the most remarkable pianist of her time. The programme for the event revolves around the artist’s private musical sphere and will include: one of her works revisited by Annette Reisinger, her husband’s String quartet No. 3, and String quartet No. 1, a masterpiece by her dear friend Johannes Brahms for whom she was a great inspiration. This anniversary event will also include a String Quartet by Sofia Gubaidulina, another woman who, like Clara, is seen as one of the greatest composers of our time.

▸ 20:00 ▸ CAPE ▸ www.cape.lu