Agnès Varda

This month, in tribute to Agnès Varda, the Cinémathèque has a selection of films by the Belgian-born French film director, photographer, and artist. Known for her influential work in the French New Wave film movement, we begin with Cléo de 5 à 7, a film about an actress who, in waiting for biopsy results, speaks to a soldier on leave from the Algerian war and comes to terms with her own flaws. Following this is the short documentary film Oncle Yanco, where Varda explores her own family history by meeting a long-lost bohemian relative and kindred spirit. This is joined by another documentary, Daguerréotypes, which examines the lives of Parisian shopkeepers on the rue Daguerre. We then have something of a feminist musical, a film about a friendship between two women throughout their lives, bound by experience, a journey of personal growth, and social change with L’une chante, l’autre pas. Sans Toit Ni Loi, then, looks at a woman’s life in retrospect after her body is discovered frozen in a ditch. In Kung-Fu Master, mother Mary-Jane controversially falls in love with her young daughter’s school friend, Julien. Finally, Jacquot de Nantes encapsulates the formative years of filmmaker Jacques Demy.

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