The Wilder Touch

Renown for his versatility, Wilder established his reputation with Double Indemnity, his third film as a director. This film noir tells its tale in retrospect through insurance agent Walter Neff, as he considers the man he killed,
and the woman he killed for.

Next, The Lost Weekend follows an alcoholic battling his worst inner demons on a journey he can barely remember.

A Foreign Affair brings us back to post-war Berlin: congresswoman Frost tries to discover the identity of a mysterious mistress involved not only with high-ranking Nazi officers, but also one of America’s own.

An investigation into the Hollywood film business itself, Sunset Boulevard explores the industry through an ageing silent film star and a young screenwriter in madness, desire and violence. With Kirk Douglas starring as a journalist willing to do absolutely anything for a headline, Ace in the Hole indicts human greed, exploitation, and opportunism. Finally, Sabrina has two wealthy brothers battling for the affections of Sabrina, the daughter of their chauffeur, played by Audrey Hepburn.

▸ 18:30, 20:30 & 21:00